A Danish shipping company offers halal-certified cruise to Antarctica

From 2026, it will be possible to join the first halal-certified cruise

Denmark's only major cruise operator aims to promote cultural understanding and diversity.

Therefore, starting from 2026, Albatros Expeditions will offer a cruise with a fully halal-certified kitchen.

The ambition is to create a tailored offering for guests with a Muslim background, as neither pork nor alcohol will be served on board. Guests will also not be allowed to bring their own food or beverages on board for this voyage.

According to the cruise company, this is the first time an expedition ship has offered this on a trip to Antarctica. The route specifically goes to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

In addition to halal-certified dining, there will also be times when only women are allowed to use the sauna on board.

The expedition is led by Rashidah Lim, who, according to Albatros Expeditions, is the first Muslim expedition leader in the polar industry.

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