DFDS consolidates all ro-pax activities

DFDS moves ferry route to a new business segment, thereby consolidating its activities

DFDS is making changes in their ferry division.

Specifically, this means that the Amsterdam-Newcastle route will be moved to the business segment covering the English Channel and the Baltic Sea.

The change will happen 'later in the year'.

This was announced by Filip Werne Hermann, who is the Vice President and head of the business unit BU Channels & Baltics at DFDS, on LinkedIn.

According to the post, this means that all of the shipping company's ro-pax activities will be consolidated under the same business segment.

Søfart is attempting to get a comment from DFDS.

Filip Werne Hermann on LinkedIn: Today several big changes for DFDS’ Ferry Division was announced. Later…

Segment with billion DKK revenue

DFDS' ferry segment is one of five subdivisions in the large shipping organization.

The ferry division has an annual turnover of 16.8 billion Danish Kroner and is led by the Frenchman Mathieu Girardin. For comparison, DFDS' logistics unit has a turnover of 11.4 billion DKK.

Mathieu Girardin took over the position in October 2022 after Peder Gellert Pedersen.

The ferry division encompasses all passenger ferries as well as ro-ro and ro-pax activities including the associated terminals.

The ferry division is further divided into five geographical areas being the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the English Channel, the Mediterranean, and the Passenger segment.

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