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Generator Controllers

Integrated Generator Protection, Control, and Monitoring solutions

SELCO offers equipment for generator sets such as marine gen-sets, emergency gen-sets, gen-sets in container enclosures or power plants.

Offering features as Synchronizing, frequency control, load sharing, power management, engine control and more.

The SELCO FlexGen product line is a range of integrated generator controllers.

FlexGen is the latest generation of the C6200 GenController and is built on the same state of the art technology platform.

SIGMA provides a modular approach to advanced generator protection and control systems. Developed and approved for marine use and installed in a wide range of vessels globally.

SELCO Generator Controller GC2000, see HERE 

SELCO SIGMA Power Management module S6610, see HERE 

SELCO SIGMA User Interface S6500, see HERE 

SELCO SIGMA Control Module S6100, see HERE

SELCO SIGMA Protection Module S6000, see HERE

SELCO FlexGen User Interface C6500, see HERE

SELCO FlexGen Generator Controller C6200, see HERE

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