The new Iridium GMDSS satellite communication system from Lars Thrane A/S.

13. april 2022

The LT-3100 Iridium GMDSS terminal from Lars Thrane A/S is the first GMDSS solution of be available for the IRIDIUM GMDSS service. 

The LT-3100S GMDSS System is fulfilling the new MED directive with Wheel Mark approval. Small and compact. No requirements for either message terminal or printer. The solution will not only offer GMDSS services but also Voice, SMS, and Data. The built-in GNSS/GPS receiver will support features like tracking. Interface for BAM and ECDIS. The Antenna Unit can be installed up to 500 meters from the Control Unit.

• 100% global GMDSS coverage
• Distress Alert & Safety Voice
• Maritime Safety Information (MSI)
• BAM & ECDIS interface
• Voice, SMS & Data
• Up to 500 m antenna cable

The standard LT-3100S GMDSS terminal is offered in a version that includes control unit & bracket mount, handset & cradle, antenna unit & power cable. The standard version fulfills all the GMDSS basic requirements. Additional services like SSAS, GMDSS Alarm Panels and printer, will require the LT-3140S Interface Unit.

The LT-3140S Interface Unit supports GMDSS Alarm Panels, GMDSS Printer, SSAS alarm & test buttons, ECDIS,  Bridge Alert Management (BAM) and a Maintenance PC.

Available at Navteam A/S.
For additional information please see www.navteam.com or contact sales@navteam.com


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