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Jetty Operator

Do you like to work in a smaller group, oriented to deliver high quality service and be flexible to try new tasks as well as share tasks in a dynamic shipping context?

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Perhaps you have gained technical skills over the years and like to work with engineering, maintenance, and repairs, or you might prefer to focus on how to build and maintain a robust safety- and quality system, or even a skilled electrician that are looking into a new job opportunity. We are looking for new personnel to strengthen our jetty operators’ pool. 

How does it work
We are looking for motivated part-time workers to form part of our Jetty Operator’s pool, a hands-on operation to support arriving tankers to safely moor and unmoor alongside the terminal, perform safety checks, connect, and disconnect cargo transfer equipment and to supervise cargo transfer. 

You would be part of a team of stand-by personnel, available at your own convenience, to form part of a transfer team during terminal import operation. It is a perfect job for you that like to test something new or that already have a part time job arrangement. 

More about the role
Together with the Loading Master, you are to safely moor and unmoor arriving tankers at the terminal and to support all activities from arrival to departure, including cargo transfer preparations, safety checks, cargo transfer supervision and regular safety inspections throughout. You will be work in shift. 

Your profile
You should be passionate about work and enjoy an environment where a lot happens. You should be flexible to work outside normal working hours as this is expected. Things may change without a moment notice and you should not be easily stressed and flexible to redirect your attention. 

Your qualifications and experience

Whilst we prefer applicants with a marine background or a background relating to any of the foregoing mentioned in this ad, we would still welcome any other application as we believe in that passion and willingness to learn new things is equally important to experience. Previous experience as port or jetty operator, seagoing personnel (whether deck or engine) or as cargo surveyor will be prioritised. 

You will be surrounded by experienced team members that are willing to build new strengths in you. You need to be able to express yourself freely in speech and writing in English and one Scandinavian language and should have at least finished high school level.

OljOla Shipping and Terminals 
Located in Gothenburg and with roots from Donsö Island, OljOla is an established company within the tanker shipping industry. The company was founded in 1978 and has ever since worked with distribution of bunkers in various forms.

We are operating a highly modern fleet bunker tankers with the mission to become a leading bunker- and terminal operator. Our mindset on operational efficiency, technical innovations as well as safety and sustainability be reflected in our performance. 

Since 2020 we have been established in Port of Frederikshavn, Denmark. Through our local branch office, we have supported the supervision of the oil terminal construction process and now enter the next phase with strengthening the operation of the terminal. 

Your employment
The position is based in Frederikshavn and is hourly based, as shift jetty operator. The required service will differ from one month to another. You will form part of a pool with jetty operators and be requested to join work when we have import or transfer operations.

We apply six months probationary employment. The employment is covered by insurance and occupational pensions, in accordance with standard practice. 

Oljola Terminals
9900 Frederikshavn

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Your application
The recruitment process is ongoing, so please send your application including CV and personal letter at first opportunity. We will schedule interviews in parallel with the recruitment process.

The application is sent to: tom.nilsson@oljola.se 

Mark the application “Jetty Operator”. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out. You may also find some more information on our shipping section by accessing our website oljola@oljola.se 

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