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On behalf of of our client, MARPRO is looking for an experienced Panamax Freight Trader.
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  • Develops and builds relationships with third party cargo and tonnage clients and identifies and pursues trading flows complimentary to existing tonnage and cargo book Identify arbitrage opportunities and leverage in house volumes to generate profits;
  • Maximise each execution and be on top of operations matter to make sure best practices are in place.
  • Liaise with the freight operations teams across the organization giving clear instructions;
  • Communicates with internal and external traders/clients/charterers and vessel owners/brokers to price freight; uses FFA and analyzes external price proposals to determine fair market prices; negotiates freight rates and other Charter Party contractual terms;
  • Utilizes in-house research and knowledge to anticipate freight market demands and trends, both short and long term, and uses own and third party cargo and tonnage to position to extract value anticipating these changes;
  • Liaise with internal commodity teams to anticipate demand while ensuring smooth internal shipment program.


  • 7 years+ of experience in drybulk and Panamax, familiar with major cargo/routes in North Atlantic (Baltic / Continent / Black Sea especially)
  • Preference given to candidates with previous work experience in freight operator companies with existing client network
  • Experience in reviewing and analyzing commercial results for candidate’s business area, assessing successfulness in execution of business strategy and making future adjustments from the insights gained.
  • Experience and/or interest in analyzing balance sheets and interacting with researchers to develop indicators and other fundamental and/or quantitative tool.
  • Experience in / ability to interact on a daily/ongoing basis with other Atlantic regions as well as between Atlantic and Pacific basins to actively participate in period fleet repositioning.


  • Tech savvy personalities will be prioritized;
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills;
  • Hard working, self-motivation, assertiveness, hands-on and emotional intelligence.


Bachelor or Master Degree in Maritime transportation, Economic, Business Administration, Engineering or Mathematics.


English (Fluent)
Any other language is a plus

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If interested, you are welcome to call MARPRO at +45 5370 0995 in case you have relevant questions - or apply by uploading an updated CV and a motivated application. Deadline for applications is 31 May, 2021, but we take applicants in for interview on a running basis and will remove the job ad when the position is closed.

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