Working environment §14 offshore

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Participants will learn how to work in the Safety Organisation on board in order to protect the health, safety and working environment.

Course Content ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS All crew members on board drilling rigs operating on the Danish continental shelf and in the Danish offshore sector. The course is mandatory for members of the Safety Group on board. ACCEPTING AUTHORITY This course is accepted by the Danish Energy Agency. DURATION 3 days residential course

Course Objectives
  • In groups the participants will work with the Danish Safety and Working Environment legislation and the corresponding procedures in their company.
  • Learn and practice the principles for the work in the Safety Organisation on board including analyzing of situations, problem solving models, meeting techniques and communication exercises.
  • Handling of chemicals with their required identification marking and other exposures in the working environment which can affect the health on short-term and long-term basis.
  • The available precautions and measures that can help to avoid damage to health, safety and environment.
  • Introductions to the duties of the Safety Organisation including  identification of near miss accidents and accident investigation reporting.
  • Practice how to make a Risk Assessment and a Work Place Instruction.
  • Daily safety routines on board including the Work Permit System.
  • Lecture by officers from Danish Energy Agency is included.

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