Stcw fast rescue boat

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The purpose of this course is to impact knowledge to the participant of what is necessary for attending a function as a coxswain on board a Fast Rescue Boat in a safe manner. After completed course the trainee shall be able to meet the requirement according to the STCW Code A-VI/2-2.


Course Content The course focuses on:
  • Construction and outfitting of fast rescue boats and individual items of their equipment.
  • Special characteristics and devices for Fast Rescue Boats
  • Safety precautions during launching and recovering of Fast Rescue Boats.
  • Procedures to upright a capzised Fast Rescue Boat
  • Handle a Fast Rescue Boat during prevailing and unfarveble weather and sea state
  • Navigation and safety equipment, as found in Fast Rescue boats
  • Search patterns and environmental factors, which affect these executions
  • Judge if the Fast Rescue Boat and the associated equipment is ready for immediately use.
  • Have knowledge to maintenance, emergency repair, normal inflation and deflation of buoyancy chambers in inflatable FRB’s
  • Operate the engine in a Fast Rescue Boat, including have knowledge, understanding and proficiency on methods to start and operate the engine and its accessories
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS On successful completion of the course and demonstration of competence, a document will be issued certifying that the holder has met the standard of competence specified in Table A - VI/2-2 of STCW 1995.

Course Objectives The aim with this course is to provide and define the Danish Maritime Authority’s requirements for STCW Fast Rescue Boat. The participant will gain knowledge and skills in order to be able to take the command during and after a launching of a Fast Rescue Boat in an emergency situation. The participant should also be able to perform recovering of a person in water and give live saving first aid of casualty.

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