Offshore crane operator stage 2

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By obtaining a Maersk Training Offshore Crane Operator certificate, course participants will have a global understanding of their responsibilities as crane operators giving them the flexibility which accompanies a globally recognizable certification. The Maersk Training OCO Stage 2 is conducted in a full mission K-Sim Offshore Crane Simulator or at premises of client.


Course Content By successfully completing Maersk Training Offshore Crane Operator (OCO) Stage 2, course participants will have the global knowledge to work in accordance with LOLER, BS7121-1 and BS7121-11 standards. The course consists of both a theoretical and a practical module, which cover, but are not limited to:
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of offshore crane operators, banksmen and slingers.
  • Hand signals and radio communication protocols for controlling crane operations.
  • Understanding relevant legislation.
  • Introduction to typical crane maintenance and inspection requirements.
  • Key components of a safe system of work and the typical documents that would be required.
  • Hazards associated with offshore crane operations and preventive measured adopted.
  • Practical operational training following a basic lifting plan via an offshore crane simulator.
To obtain the Maersk Training OCO Stage 2 certificate, course participants will throughout the course be given theoretical tests to confirm their understanding. Each test consists of min. 50 questions and has a min. pass mark set at 80%. The tests are open-book and incorporate a mix of multiple-choice, true or false & written answers. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Medical and eye test to confirm depth of vision and that participants are not colour blind. Furthermore, one of the below is required:
  • Verifiable Stage 1 equivalent and mentored practical experience (onshore crane certificate).
  • Company internal certificate & relevant evidence equivalent to Stage 1 training successfully completed within the last 12 months.

Course Objectives Course participants will be provided with advanced knowledge, experience and the skills required of an Offshore Crane Operator. This is the intermediate stage of the Maersk Training Offshore Crane Operator Programme. Maersk Training OCO Stage 2 is NOT a formal assessment of competence and therefore successful completion of the course will only allow the course participant to begin a practical mentored offshore training program containing pre-set learning elements, which must be fulfilled.

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