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24. maj 2023

We offer you tailor-made and innovative support in your development of lab-on-a-chip

Microfluidics is the science and technology of manipulating fluids in functional components with structures in the range from several micrometers up to millimeters.

RD-Support assists you in selecting the appropriate microfluidic design, in adapting your specific design to manufacturing requirements, as well as in choosing the suitable material and technology.

Creating a microfluidic device requires specific skill sets in dimensional-similitude when scaling a bench-top assay onto a device. 

Channel dimensions, schematic layout and other physical geometric attributes influence the fluidic behavior of the device. 

Strategic placement of blisters, vents, valves, and other functional attributes can make or break the assay being executed.

RD Support has extensive knowledge to assist you in making the perfect design.

We have been involved in +70 developments and launches of diagnostic microfluidic devices.

AT RD-Support you will take the innovative and professional journey from concept to commercialization of your new microfluidic platform which allow you to test all assay types (e.g. ELISA, PCR, Blood gas analysis)

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RD-Support ApS

RD-Support ApS
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Telefon: +45 28300620

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