Förläng dina verktygs livslängd med omslipning

25. marts 2022

With our modern machine park i Denmark and our talented employees large expertise, we offer to re-grind your cutting tools.

In most cases we can 100% reverse engineer the original geometry and thereby offer our customers re-grounded tools with the same qualities as a brand new tool.

By re-grinding your tools, you are assured to continue to have optimal production conditions, but very often at much lower prices than by buying new tools. 

We can also by customer request, change or optimize the original tool as well as re-coating of the tools. All this in very quick delivery times.

Contact us today at tel. + 45 70 22 42 00 or on


to hear more about our re-grinding.

Risager A/S

Risager A/S
Frichsvej 59
8464 Galten

Lena Risager
Telefon: +45 70224200
Fax: +45 70224201

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