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Svanehøj Danmark A/S

Svanehøj Danmark is the Danish branch of Svanehøj Group. We employ around 300 employees, of which more than half are situated in Svenstrup, Denmark, the group’s headquarters. The company was founded in 1928 in Aalborg.

Svanehøj designs, manufactures and services specialized fuel and cargo pumps and critical components handling all types of liquids and liquid fuels for the maritime industry, including the climate-neutral electro fuels of the future.

Svanehøj was founded in 1928 by the former marine engineer F. Dam, and from the start, pumps were the main product. Today we employ approx. 300 people around the world and have been in the ownership of Solix A/S since late 2018.

Svanehøj Danmark A/S
Fabriksparken 6
9230 Svenstrup J
CVR nummer: DK25895010
P nummer: 1001589684
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