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Who is Delphi Technologies?
Every company says it’s different. At Delphi Technologies, we don’t say it. We demonstrate it – every day – to our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and the places we call home. You’ll find it in our products, processes and people. You’ll see it in the way we solve problems, using a real-world lens that’s aimed at discovering unexpected, yet welcome, outcomes.

You’ll recognize it in our commitment to the planet, embracing the responsibility we have to foster a strong, sustainable business that makes the world a better place. You’ll witness it, as we actively support our local communities, giving back, paying it forward, making it last. And you can believe it, as evidenced by how we’re altering the trajectory of vehicle propulsion technologies and aftermarket solutions through one simple promise: We are driven to make a difference.

Our focus.
We know cars. We study them; we’re reinventing them with the clear understanding that every driver has their own needs, from fun, comfort, and freedom to identity and prestige. We see it as our job to power that journey – whatever the reason; whatever the destination – converting energy into motion. Better, transforming the functional into the unforgettable.

We know that people don’t just drive; they want to drive better.

That’s why we’re technologists, committed to re-imagining the fuel delivery, power management and vehicle service needs of the drivers of today and tomorrow. Our tight focus on advancing propulsion and aftermarket solutions leads to cleaner, longer-lasting vehicles that always thrill and touch the heart. 

Our heritage.
Our automotive roots are deep – more than 100 years in the making. And our ability to ensure a successful enterprise for all is grounded in our proven track-record of ingenuity. Our legacy dates back to 1888 and manufacturing the first electric door bell. We quickly progressed from there to a vast collection of “firsts” that include:

  • Self-start vehicle ignitions.
  • Electric starters.
  • PVC insulated cables.
  • Multi-wire connection systems.
  • Catalytic converters.
  • Direct-acting diesel fuel injection systems.
  • CARB-approved, handheld evaporative emissions testers.
  • Common rail systems for medium- and heavy-duty applications.
  • Convertible, PC-based diagnostic tools with access to faster, more affordable on-board diagnostics, tech support and service information.
  • Ammonia sensors for nitrogen oxide emission control.

Beyond our innovations, we’re a company that has persevered. And, it’s this enduring spirit that we carry with us as we move into a new future of firsts.


Fakta om Delphi Lockheed Automotive Ltd

Delphi Lockheed Automotive Ltd
One Warwick Technology Park
Al. Powstanc6w Wlejkopolsldch 13d
Gallows Hill


United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland

CVR nummer: GB6840001364


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