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PortXL in the Rising Stars Pavilion

In the heart of Europort, where the maritime meets innovation, stands the Rising Stars Pavilion. The Rising Stars Pavilion, fuelled by MARPRO, emerges as a specialized zone dedicated to Start-Ups shaping a maritime future that is smarter, cleaner, and safer. Here, the visitors of Europort can experience solutions that promise to reshape the future. In Hall 4, the pavilion proudly unveils a group of 21 international start-ups and scale-ups. Meet them here: https://maritime-professionals.com/presenting-21-rising-stars/


It’s noteworthy that 6 six of the Rising Stars have navigated, or are currently navigating, the waters of the PortXL Accelerator program.

Established in 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, PortXL is a visionary force dedicated to fostering innovation within the global maritime industry. Their mission extends beyond mere change; they aim to revolutionize perceptions of the maritime sector. PortXL stands as a dynamic ecosystem, uniting start-ups, scale-ups, corporate partners, and mentors—collective change-makers, creative minds, and problem solvers. Together, they collaborate to disrupt the status quo, reshaping the maritime landscape for a future defined by innovation and forward-thinking solutions.

Meet the Rising Stars involved in the PortXL Accelerator Programme:

GT Green Technologies:
GT Green Technologies offers the AirWing™ wind propulsion solution, helping vessels reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions while meeting regulatory requirements. This ‘wingsail’ can be retrofitted onto large vessels and newbuilds, reducing their fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 10 to 30%. https://www.gtgreentechnologies.com/

Hydronet extends internet connectivity underwater, enabling real-time decision support for the Blue Economy with AI-driven technologies and wireless sensing. Hydronet systems can stream underwater video wirelessly over significant distances, interface with diverse underwater sensors for data collection, and execute on-site AI algorithms. https://www.hydronet.tech/

Flower Turbines
Flower Turbine BV specializes in low-noise, high-efficiency wind turbines for urban environments and off-grid applications, contributing to carbon footprint reduction. With a range of sizes to meet diverse needs and shaped like tulips, their VAWT (Vertical Axle Wind Turbines) are designed for sustainable power generation in urban and business settings. https://www.flowerturbines.com/

Fuel Essence
Fuel Essence’s Sustainable Motion Platform (SU|MO) employs data-driven optimization to enhance vessel performance, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease CO2 emissions. SU|MO serves as a tool for optimizing and reporting vessel performance, comparing various fuel types (including renewables), and assessing the impact of vessel modifications. https://fuelessence.com/

Sealution transforms vessels into “Smart Ships” with IoT devices and sensors, gathering crucial data on machinery performance and offering valuable insights to stakeholders in the maritime industry. Sealution’s features include their reliability, adaptability across vessel sizes, and application versatility. https://sealution.io/

GBMS developed the world’s first real-time container and lashing load monitoring system for container ships, addressing the challenge of lost containers at sea. The Dutch company is currently advancing SensoriumC, a cutting-edge sensor and software system. crews can make informed decisions and proactively prevent critical threshold breaches as loads approach. https://gbms.nl/

The Rising Stars Pavilion at Europort offers a glimpse into the future of maritime innovation. The presence of these 21 Rising Stars signifies not just progress, but a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the maritime industry.

We invite you to explore the Rising Stars Pavilion in Hall 4 at Europort and witness their potential impact in the maritime industry. Acquire your FREE ticket here.

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