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Presenting 21 Rising Stars

The MARPRO Group and Europort present the 21 startups who will exhibit on the 2nd edition of the Rising Stars Pavilion at the Europort Exhibition 2023.



The maritime sector has a long history of embracing innovation, which underscores the importance of maritime exhibitions providing a platform and room for these pioneering forward-thinkers.

It is now reported that at Europort 2023, a considerable array of global maritime startups will be unveiling their innovative solutions and platforms. Nestled in a corner of Hall 4, the Rising Stars Pavilion at the Europort exhibition is set to shine a spotlight on 21 promising startups that are pushing the boundaries of maritime technology.

The MARPRO Group stands at the forefront of this initiative in collaboration with Europort. While MARPRO is dedicated to nurturing talent to maritime companies to facilitate their growth, they also recognize the importance of collaborating with emerging startups, recognizing the valuable contributions they can bring to the industry.

Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director MARPRO, states: “It is a privilege to contribute to this endeavour. In 2013, I founded my own maritime startup. A decade later, our company, in a closely-knit collaboration with the prestigious global maritime exhibition, Europort, plays a pivotal role in a project that grants maritime entrepreneurs access to the expansive global market. I eagerly anticipate the bustling atmosphere of the pavilion once more. The startup community consistently stands out as one of the most engaging and dynamic segments of any exhibition, as its members exhibit exceptional dedication and proactivity in their endeavours.”

The first edition of Rising Stars premiered at the Europort exhibition 2021, and its triumph spurred the need for an another one in this year’s edition. Now, after over a year and a half of dedicated effort, the veil is lifted, revealing the identities of the 21 Rising Stars of 2023 from around the world.

Let’s take a closer at these supreme Rising Stars, each with a unique offering poised to disrupt and elevate the maritime sector. 


1.      AmendTec Group

AmendTec offers ShipMesh, an innovative wireless infrastructure solution for ships. ShipMesh enables the seamless collection of data from various sensors and essential machinery without the need for complex cable installations across different compartments. 

At Europort, AmendTec presents a fuel consumption and emission monitoring system that can be installed in 30 minutes, thanks to ShipMesh technology. This system provides real-time insights into fuel consumption and ensures compliance with MRV regulations. https://amendtec.com/ 


2.      Brain creators – Seagull

Seagull offers a forward-thinking software solution that integrates live video stream recognition, ship identification, and data tracking. Their innovative approach complements traditional detection methods, setting them apart in the maritime surveillance industry. https://www.seagullsurveillance.com/ 


3.      Cspect

Based in the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, Cspect pioneers remote inspection techniques using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and ALTUM telescopic pole systems. Their technology eliminates the need for traditional inspection methods, improving efficiency and safety. https://www.cspect.com/en 


4.      Dacoma

Dacoma is driving advancements in the maritime and offshore wind industries with patented vessel stabilizer systems and electrical shore power solutions. Their products enhance vessel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. https://www.dacoma.dk/ 


5.      Diize

Diize focuses on digitalization to optimize ship-to-shore connectivity and operational efficiency. Their Always-on-Board (AoB) system streamlines administrative processes and port calls, benefiting short-sea shipping and frequent port visits. https://diize.com/ 


6.      Dipai.no

Dipai, a Norwegian start-up offers a Digital Fleet Platform to enhance decision-making capabilities for shipowners. The platform fosters inter-departmental collaboration, encompassing vessel operations, maintenance, reporting, customer interactions, tender documentation, and crew training. Real-time sensor data is collected and structured for improved operational efficiency. https://dipai.no/ 


7.      Flower Turbine BV

Flower Turbine BV specializes in low-noise, high-efficiency wind turbines for urban environments and off-grid applications, contributing to carbon footprint reduction. With a range of sizes to meet diverse needs, their VAWT (Vertical Axle Wind Turbines) are designed for sustainable power generation in urban and business settings. https://www.flowerturbines.com/ 


8.      Fuel Essence

Fuel Essence's Sustainable Motion Platform (SU|MO) employs data-driven optimization to enhance vessel performance, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease CO2 emissions. SU|MO serves as a tool for optimizing and reporting vessel performance, comparing various fuel types (including renewables), and assessing the impact of vessel modifications. https://fuelessence.com/ 

9.      GBMS

GBMS developed the world's first real-time container and lashing load monitoring system for container ships, addressing the challenge of lost containers at sea. The Dutch company is currently advancing SensoriumC, a cutting-edge sensor and software system. crews can make informed decisions and proactively prevent critical threshold breaches as loads approach. https://gbms.nl/ 


10.  Gelectric

Gelectric delivers predictive maintenance solutions for electric engines in the maritime industry, aiming to transform the sector with IoT technology and with a vision to establish Maritime 4.0. By the close of 2023, their goal is to deploy this solution on 20 different vessels, generating a monthly revenue (MRR) of €1,000 per vessel, thus projecting a total MRR of €200,000. https://www.gelectric.io/ 


11.  GT Green Technologies

GT Green Technologies offers the AirWing™ wind propulsion solution, helping vessels reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions while meeting regulatory requirements. This 'wingsail' can be retrofitted onto large vessels and newbuilds, reducing their fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 10 to 30%. https://www.gtgreentechnologies.com/ 


12.  Hydronet, Inc

Hydronet extends internet connectivity underwater, enabling real-time decision support for the Blue Economy with AI-driven technologies and wireless sensing. Hydronet systems can stream underwater video wirelessly over significant distances, interface with diverse underwater sensors for data collection, and execute on-site AI algorithms. https://www.hydronet.tech/ 


13.  Nearshorenetworks

Nearshorenetworks provides connectivity solutions for maritime businesses, offering internet, 4G, satellite, and IT services to optimize costs and enhance communication. Their product Adaptive Video fosters real-time collaboration between offshore and nearshore teams, enabling swift problem-solving and issue resolution. https://www.nearshorenetworks.com/ 


14.  PinPoint Tracking ApS

PinPoint Tracking offers intelligent tracking and IoT solutions. They introduce the world's first standalone intelligent tracking and IoT solution, powered by state-of-the-art direct 2-way satellite communication. The team is motivated by integrating space technology into maritime operations. https://pinpoint-tracking.dk/ 


15.  Rovigos

Rovigos utilizes the era of Logistics 4.0 using AI and automation to revolutionize ship operations, streamlining maritime logistics and reducing costs for enterprises. Their primary objective is to optimize performance and boost productivity by harnessing the potential of data from diverse sources, tailoring AI solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. https://www.rovigos.com/ 


16.  Sealution

Sealution transforms vessels into "Smart Ships" with IoT devices and sensors, gathering crucial data on machinery performance and offering valuable insights to stakeholders in the maritime industry. Sealution's features include their reliability, adaptability across vessel sizes, and application versatility. https://sealution.io/ 


17.  Lumina

Lumina pioneers optical sensor technology for hull monitoring, gearbox sensing, and winch load monitoring, enhancing safety and efficiency.



18.  ShirlZ Corporate Fashion

ShirlZ offers intelligent clothing solutions for the maritime sector, optimizing workwear management and promoting sustainability. https://www.shirlzcorporate.com/ 


19.  Thermodraft IKE

ThermoDraft IKE focuses on environmentally friendly products for heat-to-power conversion and heat upgrading, contributing to decarbonization in the maritime sector. The company's goal is to develop pioneering, dependable solutions that contribute to decarbonization and enhanced energy efficiency in both industrial and marine sectors. https://thermodraft.gr/ 


20.  Vescoil International

Vescoil International supplies piping systems equipment, tailoring engineering systems to clients' specific needs, and providing technical personnel for installations. Their scope of operation encompasses the maritime, industrial, offshore, and infrastructure sectors. Their new butterfly valves represent the latest generation, offering a lower purchase price. https://vescoil.com/ 


21.  Xyzt.ai

Xyzt.ai empowers businesses to derive valuable insights from location data, offering a simplified solution tailored for analysts in government and commercial organizations. https://xyzt.ai/ 


Raymond Siliakus, Director Europort, states: “While travelling around the globe, we often see that start-ups tend to be underexposed in exhibitions. In Europort we believe that innovation is key to stay ahead of the game. Even more so we believe that our industry needs transformers and new entrepreneurs. That is why we will put these forward thinkers in the spotlights fully. No less than 21 start-ups and scale ups will be ready to reveal their exciting ideas to you. We strongly recommend dropping a visit to meet the potential future market leaders.”

The Rising Stars Pavilion at Europort is not only a testament to the maritime industry's spirit of innovation but also a glimpse into the future of maritime technology. These startups are ready to reshape the industry, addressing challenges, and driving progress in a sector critical to global trade and sustainability.

The MARPRO Group extends a warm invitation to all Europort visitors to explore the Rising Stars Pavilion and its participants. Discover the future of maritime innovation and witness the cutting-edge solutions from our talented startups.

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