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Port Beach Sand Renourishment

Rohde Nielsen has recently completed the Port Beach Sand Renourishment project in Australia, which was awarded by the Port of Fremantle and the City of Fremantle.

The TSHD, Modi R has been in seasonal operation since July 2022 and has dredged 150.000 m3 of sand from the Fremantle Ports' Deep-Water channel to a depth of -18.5 meters. The dredged sand was then reused for Beach Nourishment in designated nearshore areas of Fremantle's Port Beach using the rainbow method, providing optimal distribution.
Throughout the duration of the project, a high standard of environmental controls was implemented, with utmost consideration given to minimizing any potential environmental impacts.

The successful completion of the Port Beach Sand Renourishment project is a significant achievement for Rohde Nielsen, the Port of Fremantle, and the City of Fremantle!

Rohde Nielsen
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