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Beach Nourishment in Blåvand

In 2022, Rohde Nielsen was awarded a Beach Nourishment project by the Danish Coastal Authority in Blåvand.

Blåvand is known as one of the biggest tourist areas in Denmark, especially for its beaches and vacation homes.

Rohde Nielsens three TSHDs, Magni R, Ask R, and Embla R dredged approximately 284.000 m3 of sand from an offshore winning area and pumped it onto the beach along a 5.4 km stretch through two pipelines, placed by Vidar R and Loke R.
This beach nourishment was more difficult because of the shallow water depths and the long pumping distance of 1500 meters with 1700 meters along the beach.

The work started in November and was completed in January 2023!

Rohde Nielsen
Amager Strandvej 403
2770 Kastrup
Københavns Kommune
CVR nummer: DK19685535
P nummer: 1003161876


Frida Wedel Bennick
+45 2018 6481 fwb@rohde-nielsen.dk

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