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Heat pipe solution uses biomass incinerator exhaust to reduce energy bills of factory by €150k per annum

The issue:
Due to substantial rises in Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) prices, this multi-national client
sought to make savings in its substantial energy bills.
The use of economisers on HFO fired boilers has had mixed results in the past,
with failures occurring on traditional shell and tube designs. However, with heat pipe
technology, these problems have been overcome.

The solution
The gas to water unit utilises a stainless steel construction on the exhaust gas
side together with stainless steel heat pipes. These smooth pipes are resistant to
fouling and the design of the unit facilitates the removal of carbon particulates into
an integrated soot collector. The smooth pipe gas to air exchanger offers many
benefits in this high particulate exhaust environment which include:
• Low fouling susceptibility - due to smooth non-finned design
• Ease of maintenance - the casing on the exhaust side can be easily
removed for cleaning
• High reliability – the multiple redundancy design allows each pipe to operate
independently so that a single pipe failure (in itself a rare event) will not
incapacitate the unit
• Integrated soot collector with emptying valve.

Due to the careful and robust design of the unit, it is able to operate at a high
22 bar g pressure, feeding directly into the steam boiler.

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