Spirax Sarco advises on flowmeter selection in new White Paper

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The White Paper highlights the importance of monitoring and targeting schemes in light of carbon emissions legislation and volatile fuel prices,

and how accurate steam measurement is key to improving plant efficiency, energy efficiency, process control and costing.

The steam metering White Paper presents the technical differences in measuring steam compared to other fluid flowmetering, and what variables, such as temperature or pressure, should be considered to ensure an accurate reading. Other considerations included in the document are erosion; velocity; installation space; flowmeter turndown; and accuracy.

Written by Spirax Sarco experts, the White Paper is aimed at steam users looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of their steam system, whilst reducing overall energy consumption.

The mainstream flowmeter types and their suitability for accurate steam measurement is a main feature of the White Paper, presenting benefits that include the best turndown ratio, accuracy and cost. Over eight flowmeter varieties are evaluated and brought together in an easy-to-read comparison table.

You can request a copy of the Steam Metering White Paper here


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