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Save energy and money generating electricity from steam pressure reduction

Industrial steam boilers are typically designed to
operate at higher pressures than required by the
end use application. The steam produced is then
distributed before being reduced in pressure for use
by a process or building services application.

Reducing this higher pressure steam for use by the
application is conventionally performed by a pressure
reducing station comprising a pressure reducing valve
and various items of ancillary equipment.

An alternative way to reduce pressure has come to
the fore in recent years in the shape of microturbine
technology. Passing steam through a microturbine
enables operators to use the energy released by the
resulting pressure drop to supplement their existing
electricity supply. A steam microturbine producing
100 kW of electrical power can generate typical cost
savings of more than £75,000 per year (based on
2014 figures).
The electricity produced in this way reduces the need
for power from the grid, cutting utility bills and overall
carbon footprint. The greater the difference between
the price of electricity and the price of gas or oil to fuel
the steam boiler, the greater the savings.

Spirax Sarco has introduced a range of microturbines
suitable for saturated or superheated steam. Their
compact design makes the turbines suitable for
retrofitting into many existing steam systems and
they’re supplied fully assembled and tested to
minimise on-site disruption.
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