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Bisnode awards MARPRO with AAA-diploma for the highest creditworthiness.


MARPRO has been awarded a AAA-diploma for the highest creditworthiness based on Bisnode’s system of credit worthiness in 2022.

The AAA-diploma by Bisnode indicates that MARPRO is healthy and financially stable. Companies that receive AAA ratings are viewed as the least likely to default and have no trouble finding investors.

Bisnode’s creditworthiness rating is analysed based on 2,400 parameters resulting in different rankings. The ratings range from AAA-rating being the best, to C-rating being the worst.

MARPRO is among one of the 30217 companies in Denmark who has been awarded the AAA diploma for highest creditworthiness based on Bisnode’s system.

However, MARPRO is among only a few recruitment companies in Denmark that have been awarded the AAA-diploma.

Within the field, of all employment placement companies in Denmark, only 34 companies have achieved the AAA rating in 2022. MARPRO is one of them. Nonetheless MARPRO is the only maritime recruitment company in Denmark to get the AAA-diploma.

The AAA-diploma is a result of MARPRO’s many years attracting the right profiles, providing talented candidates to shipping and maritime companies and supporting applicants with suitable maritime companies. The AAA-certificate shows MARPRO’s customers, that the company works responsibly and professionally with both employers and candidates.

In the fast moving world and with the ever-changing regulations on the market, it’s a challenge to identify risky business. It is therefore important to have company transparency as it produces trust and goodwill in business relationships among partners, employees, customers, and stakeholders.

MARPRO is honoured to be acknowledged as a company with the highest creditworthiness, as it further strengthens the company’s credibility, integrity, and responsibility in the maritime and shipping industry.



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