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Lars Mogensen is appointed new Quality Manager of Svend Hoyer A/S (Hoyer). Lars has several years of quality management experience from Danish companies with international activities and particularly with the Chinese market.

“The appointment of Lars Mogensen as Quality Manager further strengthens our quality efforts. The result of his and the rest of our quality department’s efforts is expected to benefit Hoyer and all our partners by optimized quality,” says Thomas Klausen, Sales Manager, Hoyer.

Thomas Klausen adds that quality is paramount to Hoyer and its customers. Not just the quality of the physical product, but also the quality of the work that takes place every day.

“We want everything we do – from the quality of day-to-day management, the quality of our customer service including response times and qualified advice to flawless and timely delivery – to be to the highest standards,” says Thomas Klausen.

High demands from international customers
Hoyer has large international customers that place high demands on Hoyer’s quality assurance programme and especially the routines that the quality department and the customers have developed together.

“When our largest customers audit Hoyer, it is important for the quality department to show that we keep our promises, and that both parties use the same quality terms. Product quality is ensured by having Hoyer’s technical department specify the motors to make them superior to what we normally refer to as China motors,” says Lars Mogensen, newly appointed Quality Manager, Hoyer.

Quality assurance – far into the future
Quality departments in Denmark and abroad are crucial to a company like Hoyer which has reached a certain size and has plans for further growth.

“We are already ISO 9001-certified and plan to be ISO 14001-certified in the near future. We also want to invest in developing our main supplier, or rather our business partners in China. This means that we will not only check, but also guide them through the processes in order to ensure a uniform quality,” states Lars Mogensen.

The new initiatives will enable Hoyer to track all motor components from the initial process and until the motor is packed and ready for shipping. This takes time as it requires many visits to the company’s suppliers. But it is an investment Hoyer is happy to make to ensure that its customers always receive high-quality products on time. Every time.

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Lars Mogensen, Quality Manager, Hoyer
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