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What is the role of a Global Laytime Manager, and why is the responsibility of such a position hundreds of millions of dollars annually?

In the employment of a large timecharter fleet and typically being the freight beneficiary, the Freight Platform is party to thousands of ports calls annually where laytime needs to be subsequently calculated, negotiated and settled. The sum value of these liabilities can be estimated to run into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

The role of Global Laytime Lead is to connect the commercial, operational and executional aspects of laytime. Through training for each group and the creation of a feedback loop which ensures that laytime terms and practical realities are priced accurately, operationally managed effectively and thus allowing calculation, negotiation and settlement to be performed efficiently and from a position of strength.

As part of this role, the Procurement Manager will oversee the laytime team within the Freight Platform, ensuring the team is adequately resourced, trained and motivated, to be fully engaged with commercial and operations but also effective in calculation, negotiation and settlement.

On behalf of our client, MARPRO is looking for a Global Laytime Manager. Can you ensure the main responsibilities, then we are looking for you. Read more about the responsibilities and the experience requirements for the position HERE and apply! 


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