10 years anniversary of the FAYARD "Clean Power" shore connection solution

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For 10 years FAYARD has now solved the shore supply challenge. FAYARD has had the containerized and mobile "Clean Power" solution in operation at FAYARD and in commercial ports.

The "Clean Power" solution is a spin-off of our innovative approach to secure 
- Safe, Stabile and Reliable power supply,
- correct Voltage and Frequency and
- correct Monitoring of the power consumed 
on the 24-7 basis for our app 130 yearly dry-docked vessels.

The Clean Power Shore Connection is Proven Technology developed by Danfoss and FAYARD also resulting in
- Comprehensive Reduction of Vessel's Emmission to Air
- Increased Energy Efficiency
- No Noise from the Power Generation

We use the "Clean Power" solution our selves,
We rent "Clean Power" solution containers out and
We sell them!


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