TrueDemandTM control - saving cost controlling your fans and pumps

16. marts 2018

The merchant fleet has taken advantage of the technologies we have deployed in the cruise market to save significant energy by automatically adjusting ventilation, combustion air supply and sea water cooling to engine room machinery.

Engine rooms have ventilation to maintain adequate temperature and to supply the diesel engine with combustion air. These systems are designed for operation in severe outside ambient conditions when the vessel is at full service speed. However, the engine load, room temperature and location of the ship will vary during the ships operation, resulting in an over capacity of the fans and pumps. This leads to large amounts of wasted energy in less severe conditions.

Demand driven solution delivers predictable and measurable energy savings.
Callenberg's ER-EMT solution contributes to meeting IMO environmental regulations from 2013

  • Reduced power consumption = fuel savings and emission reduction
  • Equipment life extended
  • Less ware and tear


  • Supply & Exhaust fan control
  • Sea Water pumps control
  • Enhance equipment performance
  • Remote monitoring & system optimization
  • Relieve dependence on manual systems

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